This renovation project in the Shaw neighborhood of northwest Washington, DC, is actually the second phase of
a renovation project that began in 2008 by Wiencek + Associates Architects and Planners. Marc Feinstein was
the Project Manager for Wiencek for the first phase of the renovation. Miner Feinstein has been hired as
architects for the second phase of the rehab. This second phase consists of enlarging the leasing office, updating
the lobby, and the laundry rooms. It also consists of the addition of two ground floor apartment units that will
take the place of underutilized retail bays. Additionally, apartment units that were selectively renovated
according to a conditional survey will be finished. In other words, if only the worst cabinets were replaced in the
first phase, the remainder will be replaced in this phase.


Lincoln Westmoreland




July 29, 2015